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The Solar Power Drive (Battery less) applies wherever the utility grid is not available and where three phase motor driven applications like drives, Three Phase AC Solar Pump and ventilation provide process advantages.

3 Phase Inverter for AC Pumps

Solar Direct Drive solutions benefit from implemented enhanced system control functionality, GSM connectivity and customization options. Whether it is for drip irrigation or Pivot solar drive systems or a standard water pumping or air ventilation purpose, Solar Power Drive creates higher outcome of crop and livestock farming and amortizes usually within 2500 operation hours compared with diesel generator- driven competing solutions and contributes to sustainable energy utilization.

Replaces Diesel generators in drives, irrigation systems, water supply, ventilation, Pivot drives

This is made in Germany rugged Solar Direct Drive is connected directly to the Solar Panel Array and powers-up standard industrial induction motors used for pumping, ventilation uses etc. Used where the utility grid is not available and standard three phase industrial motors must be powered-up.

Technical Data

Power range 550W…5,5kW (3- phase 230V, 400V, 50Hz / 60Hz)
Voltage range 300V…850V (input);  300V…750V (MPPT range)
Various information IP54 (IP65), RS232, LC-display, GSM modem option

Solar Direct Drive Beneficial Areas

Solar Direct Drive Beneficial Areas

Updated: Aug 01, 2017