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Now you are able to switch your Club Golf Carts into Solar Powered Golf Cart with amazing benefits.



Datasheet Solar Charging Module 75W-48V- CLUB Golf Cart (Model ?)

1.     Type: Glass-glass solar panel (120cm x 60cm) with integrated battery charger

2.     Ratings and specifications (at 25°C ambient temperature):


 VMPP  MPP voltage (STC)    48.0    V  
 Vbat  Battery voltage range  43.2  48.0  57.6  V  
 Veoc  End of charge voltage    54.2      
 Vres  Resume to charging voltage     48.5      
 Tstg  Storage temperature range  - 30    40  Deg. C  
 Top  Operation temperature range  - 30    75  Deg. C  
 IL  Leak current (Ta=25 deg. C)    5.0    mA  
 Icharge  Charge current (STC)      1.57  A  
 I fuse  Required protective fuse      3.0  A  
 P (max)  Power output (STC)      75.36  W  
IP Protection calss    65    ---  
 3L  Cable lenght    2.5    m  

Notes and precautions:


1.) STC = Standard Test Conditions = 1000W/m², Tcell = 25°C, Air Mass Index = 1,5

2.) The SOLmini-75W-48V-Club Car is a derivate product of the SLM-75W-48V with backside mounting option dedicated for golf cars type Golf car type Club Cart Model?

3.) The installation should be carried out by qualified technical personnel, the maximum voltages can rech 65V. Use a protective fuse 3A semi time lag.


Solar Panel For Club Car Golf Cart Installation Diagram 1


Solar Panel For Club Car Golf Cart Installation Diagram 2


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Updated: Sep 25, 2015