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Benefits of Charging Module for Golf Cart

Solar Golf Carts Dubai gets recharged autometically in Sun light using Solar Panels installed on roof of Charging Module for Golf Cart with efficient recharging system.

  • No towing of empty Golf Carts as battery will be charged by solar re-charging solar Panel and re-charger!
  • Specialized Solar Panel technology for Golf Carts for best charging performance even at indirect sunlight
  • Up to 1 hour per day more autonomy by Solar Panels for golf cars 
  • Battery life is extended please visit Solar Golf Cart – Go Green and also Increase Battery Life
  • Solar Panel & Charging Module fits most models of the brands E-Z-GO, Club Car and Yamaha
  • Your contribution to a greener tomorrow and climate change without CO2 emissions

Solar Panel & Recharging System for Charging Module for Golf Cart

  • Modern high efficiency Thin Film Technology for better efficiency at diffuse Sun light
  • Integrated specialized charge controller for Pb batteries with optimized PWM technology for Charging Module for Golf Cart
  • Two (2) cable connection to battery only
  • IP 65 protected glass-glass module with hail specification - suitabel for installation of Solar Golf Carts Dubai
  • Robust mounting with shock absorbing low-stress panel holder for easy and fast roof mounting on Solar Powered Golf Carts Roof

Solar panel 75Wp with integrated charge controller and specific mounting material is provided by EmiratesGreen.

Simply Greater Range and Less Electricity 

 Specifications of Charging Module for Golf Cart:






 Battery voltage range 
 Operating temperature 
 Deg. C
 Charging current
 Protection class
 Cable lenght 

Other customized models of Charging Module for Golf Cart batteries and solutions on request.


Please visit: Advantages of Solar Charging of Golf Cart Batteries Click

Updated: Aug 01, 2017