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A range of current shunts are available for measurement of DC coupled solar current or DC load currents.

Important note
  • A Shunt is NOT required to measure the DC current of the SP PRO inverter as this is measured internally
  • A DC shunt is NOT required to measure the solar in a AC coupled system as this is also measured internally by the SP PRO inverter

The range of DC current shunts available are as follows:

  • Current Shunt,100A 75mV 0.5%
  • Current Shunt,150A 75mV 0.5%
  • Current Shunt, 200A 50mV 0.5%
  • Current Shunt, 50A 75mV 0.5%
  • Current Shunt, 400A 75mV 0.5%
Updated: Oct 09, 2015