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By incorporating renewable energy, the myGrid range gives you a variety of options that allows you to manage renewable, stored energy and the grid.

Regardless of whether you have an existing solar system (retro fit) or require a new system, the myGrid Energy Centre can be easily integrated to give you the opportunity to immediately take control of your energy.

The myGrid Energy Centre includes everything you need except for your renewables. Each myGrid Energy Centre has been tested to ensure all components are compatible and can be installed to local standards in a quick and efficient manner.

Includes integrated battery circuit breaker with optional remote shutdown option. Quality German batteries included in each kit.

As an added bonus, each SP PRO inverter sold as part of a myGrid Energy Centre will receive an additional 12 months warranty.

Recent natural disasters have demonstrated how much we rely on electricity.

A little known fact about conventional solar power is that as soon as the grid electricity is lost, a solar power system is useless.

For safety reasons, it must by law disconnect as soon as the grid is lost, meaning thousands of dollars of solar panels are doing nothing while your home or office remains powerless.

We all know the grid is not always reliable; car accidents, bushfires or floods can all cause outages.

Natural Disaster In Environment

During outages, business can lose thousands of dollars of lost profit as their operations come to a grinding halt, or perhaps put at risk the safety of medical supplies and that of employees and customers. Our latest Australian made product has solved this problem with the Selectronic myGrid Energy Centre.

The Energy Centre incorporates a battery bank which allows solar panels to continue powering your world when the grid has failed, while the batteries take over at night or when there is insufficient sun. The result is clean continuous solar power under any conditions, which will allow you to take advantage of your local Feed In Tariff by feeding excess solar power to the grid during the day. The entire process is automatic. In fact, the only complaint we have had so far is that our clients didn’t know that the grid had failed.

Technical Specifications

  Dimensions W x H x D Weight Comments
Battery Enclosure (per box) including DC distribution panel 970 x 505 x 480 25 kg Suitable for outdoors. Stackable up to 4 boxes high when suitably anchored and mounted on a level, solid concrete slab.
Inverter mounting panel 900 x 850 x 75 25 kg Option for myGrid Energy Centre to simplify installation of SP PRO and KACO Powador inverters
SP PRO Inverter 345 x 545 x 215 29-35 kg Can mount under an eave
Battery protection Dual pole 250A DC circuit breaker. Remote trip option available.
Grid inverter for managed AC coupled solar Suitable for all Selectronic Certified inverters.
Grid inverter for generic AC coupled solar Any make or model of a single phase grid tie inverter that is compliant to AS4777:2, AS4777.3:2005 with an AC output no greater than that specified in the above table. Not suitable for Off grid.
SP PRO Warranty 3 years from purchase date, addition 2 years when registered online within 60 days of purchase, additional 2 years when installed by an SP PRO Accredited Integrator and additional 1 year when purchased as part of a myGrid Energy Centre. 8 years total possible. Australia and New Zealand only.
Updated: Oct 08, 2015