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Inverter Firmware for SP PRO AU Series

Should you be advised to update the firmware in your SP PRO inverter, you will need SP LINK Version 8.0 or later. SP LINK contains the latest firmware that was available at the time SP LINK was released so you do not need to download it separately.

Current version

To Update the Firmware

  1. Start SP LINK
  2. Connect to the inverter
  3. Click on File > Firmware Update and follow the prompts
  4. The inverter will need to shutdown and restart to update the firmware.

For more detailed instruction, see SP PRO Firmware Update Procedure

Optional: Download Inverter Firmware File.

Important - Update your SP LINK software before updating your firmware, because after a firmware update to 8.00, only SP LINK version 8.0 or higher will connect to the SP PRO.

Firmware version 8.00 for all SP PRO AU and SP PRO GO models

SP LINK Software

SP PRO AU inverters come with our standard proprietary SP LINK software. If you can’t wait to get your own SP LINK then download a free copy here.

Once loaded onto a Windows based computer, SP LINK will enable you to gain access to an enormous amount of information about your SP PRO inverter and your power system. SP LINK allows integrators to customise over 220 settings within the SP PRO for a superbly optimised system configuration.

We believe SP LINK is simple to use and intuitive, but just in case you need some help, the instruction manual is only a click away from within SP LINK.

Download SP LINK:

  • SP LINK Monitor Installer - Intended for users to access a variety of information about the inverter.
  • SP LINK Installer - Intended for System Integrators to configure and maintain settings. This includes all of the features from the Monitor version plus all configuration
    and maintenance features.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows: XP SP3, Vista SP1, 7, 8, 8.1
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile. (The installer will download this if required.)
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 (Reader 10.0 for 64 bit computers) or higher are required for interactive help.
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2003 or higher is required to read the Performance Data Viewer.
  • For Series I inverters: One RS-232 serial COM port.
  • For Series II inverters: Either one RS-232 serial COM port or one USB port.

SP LINK is not available for Apple, Linux or any mobile phones. 

Device drivers for USB to serial adaptors

If you need a USB to serial adaptor for a Series I inverter, here are the device drivers for units that we have provided with the SP PRO.

SP LINK Software Screenshots

Screenshot 1

Sp Link Software Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Sp Link Software Screenshot 2

Selectronic SP PRO Specifications

 Technical Specifications (PDF Datasheets)

  • Please refer to DATASHEETS & MANUALS Section on the right side.

Product Manuals

  • Please refer to DATASHEETS & MANUALS Section on the right side.

Grid Approval Certificates

  • Please refer to DATASHEETS & MANUALS Section on the right side.


Models Description
SPMC240-AU 24 Volt, 3000 W continuous
SPMC241–AU 24 Volt, 4500 W continuous
SPMC481–AU 48 Volt, 5000 W continuous
SPMC482–AU 48 Volt, 7500 W continuous
SPMC1201 120 Volt, 7500 W continuous
SPLC1200 NEW 120 Volt, 15,000 W continuous
SPLC1202 120 Volt, 20,000 W continuous

Models Features are as follows:

  • Low distortion sine wave Interactive Inverter Charger with grid feed ability
  • Advanced thermal techniques provide excellent high temperature performance
  • 63 amp AC transfer switch with anti-chatter protection
  • Grid feeds with excess renewable
  • “Grid Lockout” setting can allow battery charging “Off Peak”
  • Automatic changeover when grid fails without using a second inverter
  • World leading 300% surge capacity
  • True 100% charge capacity
  • Five stage battery charging with dual float points and adjustable temperature compensation
  • Battery mid point monitoring with automatic equalisation
  • Simple LED display, with the AC LEDs directly powered from the monitored voltage
  • Redundant safety disconnect for pluggable operation
  • Plug and play or fully configurable via computer
  • Eighteen months of logged daily totals
  • Four months of sampled data at 30 minute sample rate
  • Adjustable 30/15/10/5/1 minute sample rate
  • Easy to use configuration / monitoring software supplied standard
  • “Partial state of charge” control can minimise generator run time
  • Superbly quiet
  • All PCBs conformal coated with mil spec silicone
  • 4 x addressable relay outputs and 3 x digital outputs
  • 4 x addressable digital inputs and 2 x analogue inputs
  • 2 x user definable shunt inputs
  • Low battery shutdown override in case of emergency
  • Discretionary load control
  • External solar regulator bypass function
  • 2 x serial ports with power for accessories
  • Variable speed fan with service alert
  • Lifetime monitored capacitors with service alert
  • Warranty, 5 yrs + 2 for SP PRO accredited installers
  • 100% Australian designed and manufactured
  • Field serviceable modular design*

    *Conditions Apply

The highly successful SP PRO Series II has been expanded to include the SP PRO GO Series designed specifically for the Solar Hybrid (grid connect) market. They have a Grid Feed-In Power Rating, independent of the inverter rating, to meet the requirements of the utility while still providing for the consumer's power needs.

Grid Feed and Grid Battery Backup in one unit

Add the versatility of energy storage to your Grid Connect solution using the SP PRO as a low voltage grid feeding inverter that puts you in control of your grid system.

Interactive Inverter Charger

The versatile SP PRO inverter can also be configured to operate as an Interactive Inverter Charger with conveniently preset configurations for use in mobile or Off Grid power systems.

Multiple Applications

The SP PRO is suitable for Grid Connect and Off Grid applications for residential, commercial, industrial, marine and mobile situations, while the SP PRO GO (Grid Optimised) is suitable only for grid connect applications.

Engineering Excellence

Drawing on our inverter experience since 1981, the SP PRO contains features not found in other inverters. With highly accurate thermal power management and high speed digital signal processing, the SP PRO sets new standards for reliability, power density and flexibility.

The SP PRO is AS4777 Approved

The SP PRO series is available in sizes ranging from 3 kW to 20 kW for a single phase system and 9 kW to 60 kW for the SP PRO in a three phase configuration. All SP PRO inverters are approved to AS4777 for grid connection in Australia and New Zealand.