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The most cost effective option for integrating energy storage into PV system design.

With the goal of making an elegant, proven system power electronics type even better, SmartHarvest has elevated the PMW baseline with its SCCP charge controllers to give every system the benefits of both high-efficiency and economy.  PMW charge controllers use advanced digital signal processing to anticipate battery charging needs and affect the right amount of control.

The SCCP10-050 is an excellent choice for smaller systems operating under consistent solar conditions where utilizing an economical PMW technology helps to allocate more of the system bedget to energy-producing components such as additional panels.  The SCCP10-050 is not only the right tool for the job, but the right investment over the life of the system through dependable, long-term performance engineering by SmartHarvest.

Technical Specifications

  SmartHarvest SCCP10-050 Specifications
Maximum Output Current (I) 10
Nominal Battery Voltages 12/24
Input Panel Power (Wp) 120/240
Panel Intelligence PMW
Maximum Input Voltage (Voc) 25/50
Charging Regulation Four stages: bulk, absorb, float and equalization
Bulk Voltage (VDC) Flooded: 14.8/29.6 VRLA: 14.6/29.2 
Absorb Voltage (VDC) Flooded: 14.8/29.6 VRLA: 14.4/28.8 
Absorb Time 2 hours 
Float Voltage (VDC) Flooded: 13.2/26.4 VRLA: 13.5/27.0 

Equalization Voltage (VDC)
(Flooded Batteries Only)

Flooded: 15.5/31.0 

Equlaization Time

1 hour 

State of Charge Low Voltage
Disconnect (V)


Low Battery Load Reconnect (VDC)


High Battery Load Disconnect (VDC)

Temperature Compensation -5mV/°C
Battery Type Selection
VRLA/Flooded—selectable via jumper.  Factory default VRLA (jumper inserted)
Data Logging Available with monitoring software.
Standby Current (mA) 6.8
Display 3 LEDs
IP Class IP20
Operating Temperature Range -40° to 60° C
Humidity 0-95% RH non-condensing
Dimensions HxWxD (in/cm) 2.6x6.3x1.0 / 6.8x15.9x2.5
Weight (lb/kg) .39 / .18 
Certifications CE, IEC/EN 62109-1
Warranty Standard 2 year
Updated: Oct 09, 2015