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Engineered Solar System

Advanced Engineered Energy Solutions for Specialized Applications

Partnering with OutBack Power, Alpha Energy delivers the right energy system for the most demanding environments and applications.
Alpha Energy is an engineering and project development expert in the field of innovative power conversion solutions that integrate solar, wind and alternative resources. Our solutions deliver reliable electric power for the most demanding and remote off-grid applications and diverse industrial applications worldwide.
With Outback Power, our customers experience true turn-key project development through our in-house engineering, system integration, deployment, commissioning and O&M capabilities.
When utility grid electricity is unavailable, unreliable or very costly, our Optimum Power Solution (OPS) Systems are designed to provide a finite and predicted amount of electricity to power known loads. They can be designed for full autonomy, unattended operation and 99.999% reliability.
Please contact EmiratesGreen for requirement analysis and specifications.
Updated: Sep 26, 2015