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The new FLEXpower ONE System - now available with updated FXR Grid/Hybrid series inverter/chargers - accommodates all of the essential protective devices in the smallest possible space at the lowest installed cost, making it ideal for applications with modest power requirements such as cabins, chalets, homes, remote communication sites and backup power systems.

Utilizing an extremely compact design and an easy-to-install mounting bracket, the fully pre-wired and factory tested FLEXpower ONE System is designed for a quick installation, saving both time and money.

FLEXpower ONE includes a single inverter, AC and DC wiring boxes, a single FLEXmax Charge Controller, MATE3, HUB, FLEXnet DC and Surge Protector while maintaining a small system footprint. The FLEXpower ONE System is also equipped with battery and PV array breakers, a PV GFDI breaker, an Input-Output-Bypass Assembly, mounting locations for both AC GFCI Type B and EU Type F style outlets, and additional AC breakers. FLEXpower ONE components carry all of the necessary ETL Certifications allowing for a code compliant installation that saves both time and money while still looking great.

The OutBack Power FLEXpower ONE System is the only choice when you need a fully integrated, true sine wave, reliable power system.

Technical Specifications

*System includes: FM-80 Charge Controller, MATE3 Programmer, FLEXnet DC, FW-SP-ACA, GDFI, HUB10 Communications

For 120 VAC/60Hz Applications
FP1 VFX3524 VFX3524 3.5kW FLEXpower ONE VFX3524 120 VAC NEMA 5-15 250A 80A Y
FP1 VFX3648 VFX3648 3.6kW FLEXpower ONE VFX3648 120 VAC NEMA 5-15 175A 80A Y
FP1 GVFX3524 GVFX3524 3.5kW FLEXpower ONE GVFX3524 120 VAC NEMA 5-15 250A 80A Y
FP1 GVFX3648 GVFX3648 3.6kW FLEXpower ONE GVFX3648 120 VAC NEMA 5-15 175A 80A Y
FP1 GTFX3048 GTFX3048 3.0kW FLEX[power ONE GTFX3048 120 VAC NEMA 5-15 175A 80A Y
FP1 FX3048T FX3048T 3.0kW FLEXpower ONE FX3048T 120 VAC NEMA 5-15 175A 80A Y
FP1 FX2524T FX2524T 2.5kW FLEXpower ONE FX2524T 120 VAC NEMA 5-15 175A 80A Y
FP1 GTFX2524-HI GTFX2524-HI 2.5kW FLEXpower ONE for Hawaii GTFX2524-HI 120 VAC NEMA 5-15 175A 80A Y
FP1 GTFX3048-HI GTFX3048-HI 3.0kW FLEXpower One for Hawaii GTFX3048-HI 120 VAC NEMA 5-15 175A 80A  
For 230VAC/50Hz Applications
FP1 VFX3024E VFX3024E 3.0kW FLEXpower ONE VFX3024E 230 VAC CEE 7 250A 80A y
FP1 VFX3048E VFX3048E 3.0kW FLEXpower ONE VFX3048E 230VAC CEE 7 175A 80A Y
FP1 GVFX3024E GVFX3024E 3.0kW FLEXpower ONE GVFX3024E 230 VAC CEE 7 250A 80A Y
FP1 GVFX3048E GVFX3048E 3.0kW FLEXpower ONE GVFX3048E 230 VAC CEE 7 175A 80A Y
Updated: Sep 26, 2015