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Why Solar Panel Cleaning Services UAE is important and required

The solar panel cleaning services UAE are similar to the windows on your house car or business they get covered with dirt very quickly from dust, rain, soot, pollen, auto emissions, bird droppings, smog, leaves and other types of debris.  Such dust and debris reduces the efficiency of the solar panels by blocking sunlight from being absorbed into the solar panels, therefore, lesser energy is collected for using in house or for sale to the utility power company.

In some cases, bird droppings, leaves, fungus/algae, can block all the light from the solar panel making portions of the solar panels useless so that's why you need Maintenance of Solar PV Systems. The outcome of studies has demonstrated that even an amount of small in nature of dirt, or soiling on solar panels can reduce solar panels efficiency up to 20%.

The rain or simply spraying your solar panels with water using a hose will not effectively clean solar panels. The solar panels are exposed to the outdoor environment every day, therefore regularly Solar Panel Cleaning Services UAE is extremely vialed to maximize their working and output efficiency and their useful life.

Solar Energy Solar Panels System Overview

There is also need of regular Solar Panel cleaning Services and maintenance of Solar PV Systems to prevent the voiding any of installer or manufacturer warranties on the solar system.  In addition clean and efficient solar panels need to be a top priority in order to maximize energy output, earnings as well as to preserve / protect your investment.

Current Solar Panel Cleaning Services methods and Associated Risks

  • Manual cleaning of solar panels is prone to a risk for the Solar Panel Cleaning Companies who often work at a height of 10-20 feet from the ground level, with a risk of falling from heath to the ground.
  • If not carefully chosen for solar panels cleaning, chemical cleaner products may be harmful to the solar panels materials, reducing the transparency as well.
  • Rain, is considered as a means of cleaning of solar panels, but in fact with lower efficiency & effectiveness. It may be harming to your solar panels by being aggressive as a result of pollution.
  • Chemical waste products used for solar panels may not be dispersed into drainage system or soil or and should meet with local environmental regulations.

Solar Panel Cleaning Services UAE by EmiratesGreen

EmiratesGreen offers professional large scale solar energy system products and solutions. We also offer Solar Panel Cleaning Services in UAE & Solar Water Heater Maintenance UAE meet your needs as stated above. 

Updated: Aug 01, 2017