hydraulic system repair and maintenance services
hydraulic hoses crimping pressure testing repair and maintenance
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Solar Panel Cleaning and maintainance
Solar Golf cart and batteries for golf cart

EmiratesGreen offers a range of on-site maintenance services for hydraulic systems and its mechanical components. For this purpose, EmiratesGreen has their well-equipped Mobile Van for on-site Hydraulic Systems repairing and maintenance.

Mobile van is well equipped with Machines, dies & accessories to execute the Hydraulic Systems overall, repair and maintenance works.

EmiratesGreen also offers hose crimping and replacement of hydraulic system hoses for different types Hydraulic Systems e.g.: Eastern moving equipment cranes, marine vessels, offshore cranes& offshore skids for Nitrogen’s.

Our Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Mobile Van Services covers the industries such as follows

  1. Port & Refinery & Process Industry.
  2. Construction machinery & Construction Sites Earth Moving Equipment’s Breakdown Support for hydraulic Systems.
  3. Automobile Industries.
  4. Rides & Amusement Park Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems.
  5. Food & Beverage Industries.
  6. Van Services to Cable manufacturing Industries for Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems.
  7. Piling Machines & Ready Mix Machines Hoses.
  8. Laundry Industries.
  9. Glass Manufacturing & Gypsum Block & Sheet Manufacturing Industry.
  10. Hydraulic skid services with fuel hoses with detachable fittings (Re-usable fittings).
  11. Mobile Services with immediate solution to avoid breakdown in machines / equipment’s.
  12. Tubing Forming & Tube Bending for Sizes up to ½”.
  13. Mobile Van Services for SCUBA Diving Service Hoses & Fittings Supports.
  14. Mobile Van Services for Rolling Mills & Steel Industries.
  15. Hydraulic Hoses for Marine leading Ship-building & manufacturing Industry.
  16. Hydraulic Hose for marine Ports & QC crane, spreader straddle carrier M/C’s.
  17. Others

Features of EmiratesGreen Services and Products

  1. On-Site Mobile Services for Hoses repair: Work can be done for sizes from ¼” to R2- 1 1 /4” & 4SH-1” (380 Bars). Hydraulic Hoses from size ¼ to 2” (Working pressure from 225 Bars to 400 Bars).
  2. Hydraulic Hose with SAE approved manufactures with single piece fitting for JIC, BSPP, and Metric Treads.
  3. If required the Hydraulic Hose assembly will be tested at 1.5 times of working pressure.
  4. Hydraulic fittings up to 400 Bar in carbon steel as well as stainless steel 316-TI.
  5. Hydraulic Quick Release Coupling for ISO-A & ISO-B standard from ¼” to 1”.
  6. Air Multipurpose Hoses for working pressure 20 Bars.
  7. Air claw connection Dixon – Chicago make from¼” to 1”.
  8. Others as per customer requirements.
Updated: Sep 24, 2015