hydraulic system repair and maintenance services
hydraulic hoses crimping pressure testing repair and maintenance
Heat Exchanger Mechanical Equipment parts for oil and gas industry
Outback fxr inverter
Outback power Flex power 1 and Flex power 2
outback power radian inverter
Solar Panel Cleaning and maintainance
Solar Golf cart and batteries for golf cart

The Ozaki Mfg. Co., Ltd has established in 1916 and came along with Japanese Automotive industry that led the world technological evolution. We have been getting support from our valuable customers by our great pride “High Accuracy and the Quality” products. Moreover, our products have been used by not only Automotive industry but also a wide industries such as Machinery, shipbuilding, railway, aircraft, power plant, chemistry and construction etc.

Dial Gauges of our main products have great reputation and our brand name "PEACOCK" well-known as synonym of Dial Gauges.

A Dial Gauge which is a kind of length meter has feature that the displacement is automatically indicated by its Pointer.

The structure of "PEACOCK" Dial Gauges has simple structure which is magnified mechanics by the gear. However, the individual parts become a complete part through many processing and assembled by strict inspection.

In next 100 years, we desire that our products will have been still trusted. Hereafter, our desire will never fade away. To satisfy more various demands in the future, we concentrate to keep high quality products with characteristic production to meet top-level in advanced modern industrial world by a speedy technical improvement.

The OZAKI MFG. CO., LTD. Have never been happier so as long as making Precision Measuring Instruments that are not ashamed of the name at the "100th anniversary of founding" that will faced soon and will meet with the expectation for PEACOCK fan.

Peacock Precision Measuring Instruments

Updated: Sep 10, 2015