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A hydraulic hose can only be utilized for the purpose intended, if there is a proper fitting on both the ends. Crimping or Swaging is the method of getting the hydraulic hose fitting on to the ends of hydraulic hose. The hose crimping is a simple compression method, using different sizes of dies and a compression collars to crimp the fittings on to the hydraulic hose.

There are several types of crimping machines for hydraulic hoses crimping available in the market. The basic method of hose crimping is the same for each type of machine.

EmiratesGreen offers Hose Crimping Machines as mentioned below:

  1. Hand Operated Hose Crimping Machine for small size hose crimping
  2. Battery Operated hose crimping machine for mobile workshop applications
  3. Fixed type for workshop applications

Mobile Crimping Machines (without utility power supply or hand operated)

  1. Mobile van Crimping Machines “(Portable Crimping Machines)”. These Portable Crimping Machines can be installed in Mobile Van to operational purpose.
  2. Can be used for Hoses up to 1” & double wire braided type only.
  3. Mobile Crimping Machine are also available with hand pump operated type.
  4. Mobile Crimping Machine can be used only for single piece hose.

Crimping Machine for Workshop / Fixed applications:

  1. Voltage 12V DC
  2. 3ø, 1ø

Battery Operated Machine can be used normally for crimping of hose up to 1”, such hose crimping machines can be installed in the Van. Workshop application machines are requires utility power supply single or 3 phase with 220V or 380 operating voltage. These crimping machines can crimp Hoses up to 2” with double wire & 4 wire Hoses. Workshop application machines can be used for crimping of 3” hoses with 2 wires & oil and utility hose for 10/20 Bar can be crimp with those machines.

Updated: Sep 30, 2016