hydraulic system repair and maintenance services
hydraulic hoses crimping pressure testing repair and maintenance
Heat Exchanger Mechanical Equipment parts for oil and gas industry
Outback fxr inverter
Outback power Flex power 1 and Flex power 2
outback power radian inverter
Solar Panel Cleaning and maintainance
Solar Golf cart and batteries for golf cart

We can install containers with a full hydraulic hoses repair/assembly workshop along with storage areas/racks for fittings and hoses. We design to customer spec to meet with all on-site needs. It is can be installed/located at any of site.

Our know how and understanding of the hydraulics systems industry ensures we can supply container workshops to meet your needs, including air supplies ventilation and electrics. Full in-house or on-site service backup on all the equipment fitted inside the container workshops gives you satisfaction and not having downtime. We can also put graphics or logos based on your design.

  1. Mobile Container for Hydraulic Hoses with Crimping machines, Cutting Machines with Work Bench.
  2. Mobile Container for Mechanical hand Tools & Accessories.
  3. Mobile container for lifting Equipment & Accessories.

Mobile Container Calibrations Dead Weight Tester & Pressure Valve Testing Bench & Other Equipment on Request can be provided.

Mobile Workshop can be designed for Customer for Grease & Lube Oil Applications.


Updated: Sep 10, 2015