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EmiratesGreen is one of the leading GRP enclosure suppliers in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Our services and products expands to entire United Arab Emirates to serve to whole nation.

EmiratesGreen offers GRP enclosure supply and installtion

  1. GRP Enclosure supply and installation for process instrumentation & process lines instruments.
  2. GRP Enclosure for Power Transformer & Power Cabinets.
  3. GRP Enclosure Custom made as per instrumentals requirement of end user.
  4. GRP Enclosure for Instruments & Transmitters.
  5. GRP Enclosure can be installed for electrical panel.
  6. GRP Enclosure with Ventilator can be provided to meet Customer requirements.

Below are the details about GRP Enclosure

  1. GRP Enclosures are approved grade for different oil & gas & refinery applications.
  2. GRP Enclosure are provided with 6 month warranty for manufacturing defects.
  3. GRP Enclosure are with Validity of 1 Year Warranty for manufacturing Defect.
  4. The GRP Enclosures are designed and fabricated as per Customer Requirements.
  5. GRP Enclosure can be installed on different Type Of instrument without disturbing Process line.
  6. GRP Enclosures are provided with Air Ventilator for free flow.
Updated: Oct 11, 2015