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Seamless Tubing with Griflex Sheeting

EmiratesGreen is highly experienced in its products and services and provides best possible solution to its clients make things work properly as expected yet in affordable cost. EmiratesGreen Seamless Tubing will be covered by PVC Griflex Sheeting to avoid corrosion with help of below procedure. 

  • Tubing will covered by PVC Sheeting with pneumatic compressor air supply at one end of sheeting & offer end inserted to tubing, sheeting will be manually rolled over seamless tubing up to the end.
  • PVC Sheeting is avoiding corrosion thus increasing life of tubing. It also reduces maintenance cost of the overall systems.
  • Because of salty environment and offshore rig application, the corrosion rate is very high. That's why to reduce maintenance cost, PVC sheeting is very helpful for the system to protect from corrosion.
  • PVC Sheeting with printing will be done by EmiratesGreen & STD specification will be printed on it.
  • PVC Sheeting will be provided with tubing grade & HT printed on it.
  • PVC Sheeting can be provided on Coil Tubing as on Request.
  • PVC Sheeting for high temperature applications can be provided on customer request.
  • Exotic material Tubing for Gas applications (Alloy Steel Material)
    • Material Grade with 904L
    • Material Grade with 316-TI
    • Material Grade with 317L
  • Seamless Tubing for Instrumentation & Liquid Line.
    • Material Grade SS316 / SS316L.
    • Material Grade with SS 304
    • Material Grade with SS 321
  • Seamless Pipe for Cuprous - Nickel for Marine Applications.
  • Coil Tubing in 904L/ SS 316L/ SS 304 / SS321.
  • COIL TUBING with PVC sheeting by European Origin.
Updated: Sep 27, 2015