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A Hose Reel is a cylinder-shaped spindle made of either fiberglass, metal, or plastic and is used for storing a hose in manner suits to its applications. The common styles/types of hose reels are spring driven (self-retracting), hand cranked/manipulated, or motor driven. Hose reels are classified by the length and diameter of the hose they retain or used for, the pressure rating and the rewind method. Hose reels can either be fixed in a permanent location or portable or attached to: wall, a truck, cart or trailer.

Hose Reel Blue

EmiratesGreen offers variety of Hose Reels for variety of applications in industry.

  1. Pneumatic Hose Reel for workshop applications.
  2. Pneumatic Hose Reel general purpose applications.
  3. Air/water Reel for workshop as well as Automobile Service Centre applications.
  4. Pneumatic Hose Reel installation for aircraft service with air dryer unit & compressor with pre - filter and after filter lines.
  5. Pneumatic Hose Reel for assembly line in automobile workshop & garage station.
  6. Lube oil Hose Reel on mobile workshops.
  7. Lube oil Hose Reel on service station.
  8. Lube oil Hose Reel at service centre with Vertical & horizontal mounting.
  9. Hose Reel for mobile lube oil tankers.
  10. Hose Reel for offshore application with body material SS316. 

Hose Reel Specific Applications

Hose Reel Red

Below are some of the applications of Hose Reels:

  1. Hose Reel for Hydraulic Oil applications for High Pressure make with Koreel-Euorpe.
  2. Hose Reel for Custom Design for Length 15 Mtr with 1” Size Industrial Application (Air / Water & Chemical).
  3. Hose Reel for Lubrication Service Van with Grease Pump, Air Compressor with Diesel Engine Operated. 

The Fire hose reels are used by a large number of industries and normally located in buildings and business or industrial premises for fire protection reasons. Such hose reels are designed to provide a controlled water supply to suppress any possible fire risk that involves Class A combustible solids. Several mounting options/methods and flow controls are available from the range to match any application. Hose Reels can be supplied with or without hose and a full range of accessories are offered as separate.

Updated: Sep 30, 2016