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Solar Golf Cart – Go Green 

With new in technology it is now much easier and more affordable to switch your golf cart to solar power, and many benefits.

Switching to solar power is about taking a good step in preserving our environment.

EPA states “For every 1.0 kilowatts of electricity generated by fossil fuel power, approx. 2.5 pounds of carbon dioxide is goes into air. The use of solar power to charge the Golf Cart batteries in lieu of fossil fuel on the golf carts reduces the CO2 going in to the air by 452 pounds each year.

You  may have an idea that solar energy for Golf Carts is by far is one of the better type of energy as well as the field which is fastest progressing.

Question how the solar energy is used for running the Solar Golf Cart? Solar panels for Golf Carts are available for some time. Now with the breakthroughs in technology and by using different types of materials, gives not only additional solar rays absorption but also offers more affordable and easy to use solutions available to make existing Golf Carts to Solar Powered Golf Carts.

The offered design of the solar panels for the Golf Cart tops makes easier and affordable for going green.

The Advantages of Switching Golf Cart to Solar Power Golf car

 The Golf Cart Solar Panel with special device can easily installed in short time directly on the Golf Cart’s your existing top/roof, the solar system installed on the Golf Cart increases the range of your Golf Cart vehicle, and also extends the life of Golf Cart batteries, also saves 452 lbs per annum of emissions related to CO2, for switching to solar.

The Solar Panel installed on Golf Cart will also increase the life of Solar Golf Cart batteries by keeping them at continuous charge by Solar Panel installed on the roof! The active charging of Solar Golf Cart by Solar Panel reduces the sulfur contents of the lead cells in the batteries, as the sulfur build-up is one of main reason / cause of Golf Cart batteries failure. If the normal set of Golf cart batteries works for lasts three years, then the solar roof panel on the Golf Cart will lengthen the Golf Cart’s battery life approx. additional two years or more.

In addition, if the Golf Cart owner purchases a new set of batteries at the same time purchase Solar Panel for Golf Cart, we believe that you can deduct the total amount of Golf Cart’s battery costs by installing Solar Panel for Golf Cart.

Switching of normal Golf Cart to solar power powered Golf cart is an very good choice that allows you the freedom to get more out of your Golf Cart, not loosing or sacrificing anything. You are always having the batteries as backup as and when required can be used.

Please make the best decision for the environment and yourself that “Go Green!”

For electric carts, Golf Carts and small electric cars, you just plug into your house and it charges automatically by using utility power. The solar panels are installed on the roof of the Golf Cart, in order when the Solar Golf Cart is parked, the sun light will charge the Solar Golf Cart batteries while you will busy in somewhere else?

The amount of time it takes to charge the batteries of Solar Golf Cart would depend on the sun light to DC power conversion efficiency and size of the Solar Panels installed on the Solar Panel Golf Cart, the capacity of the Solar Panel Golf Cart batteries, and the amount of sunlight. There are chances that you may use the stock batteries, the only other thing you'd need (aside from the solar panels) is a special Solar charge controller.

Updated: Sep 24, 2015