hydraulic system repair and maintenance services
hydraulic hoses crimping pressure testing repair and maintenance
Heat Exchanger Mechanical Equipment parts for oil and gas industry
Outback fxr inverter
Outback power Flex power 1 and Flex power 2
outback power radian inverter
Solar Panel Cleaning and maintainance
Solar Golf cart and batteries for golf cart

hydraulic system maintenace, Solar energy, on-site hose repair EmiratesGreen is established in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and is provider of following:

  • Mechanical & Electrical equipment, products and parts
  • Solar Energy related equipment & solutions
  • Energy storage products – batteries
  • Maintenance & overall services for Mechanical Equipment such as Hydraulic Systems, Power Packs etc... used for various applications.
  • Mobile van services for onsite maintenance and parts replacement
  • Maintenance services for Solar Systems

We offer our maintenance services for On-Site Hydraulic System and its mechanical components. We supply wide range of mechanical machines and equipment as well as spare-parts.

We are highly experienced in our products and services. Our dedicated and professional skilled team of engineers provides best products and services to our clients according to their requirements and specifications. EmiratesGreen also provides consultancy services to broad range of mechanical products.

We provide fast quotes on high quality hydraulic drives and hydraulic brakes. It could be belt conveyor, winch or hoisting machinery. we can help you to find right solution for your particular application.

Our Mission

To offer wide range of quality products and services for renewable energy, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power and other energy sectors to meet client satisfactions and to protect environment and avoid the accidents to the team/personnel involved.

Our Commitment

We are committed to offer our best quality Hydraulic system and Solar Energy products and services to our most valued-customers according to their requirements to fulfill their needs and increase their return on invest as well.

Our Expertise

We offer our expertise in Green energy products, mechanical equipment, hydraulic systems on-site maintenance services, Hydraulic Power Packs. Our Expertise also includes Hose Crimping and Hoses Pressure Testing Services.