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EmiratesGreen (EEMT) Abu Dhabi, UAE offers SmartHarvest Charge Controllers and renewable energy electronics aimed at meeting the growing global demand for value-orientated, low power-range renewable energy system components.

SmartHarvest Charge Controllers

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Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Charge Controllers

SmartHarvest's mission is to make the advanced technologies usually associated with premium PV energy systems available to users regardless of their system size or budget.  The SCCM charge controller models accomplish this goal by placing MPPT charge controller capability within reach of a much wider application base, ensuring higher system yeilds at the power and size levels where that can advantage can make the most difference.


Pulse-Width Modulation (PMW) Charge Controllers

PMW charge controllers are elegant, proven system solutions. SmartHarvest's SCCP charge controller models scale this economical solution for use in small PV systems dedicated to specific applications, such as powering a light, appliance or charging a back-up battery system connected to a smart phone, PC, wireless network adapter or other critical electronic devices.