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The Endurance range of batteries has been developed in three popular sizes to meet the rigorous demands of the marine market. A dual purpose battery manufactured with a thick plate design to offer owners both heavy duty deep cycle ability and superior cold cranking engine start performance.

The Endurance range has a fully enveloped positive plate to prevent premature failure due to plate shredding and protection against short circuiting. Fitted with a high grade marine dual terminal post and a proprietary active material these batteries will deliver performance time and time again.

The low maintenance vent allows for occasional evaluation and maintenance as required. Rolls Endurance batteries are the smart choice for the serious sailor.

12 Volt (6 Cell) Polypropylene Container

Series Model Cap (20 Hour) CCA @32° F CCA @0° F Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (Kg)
Endurance 12-FS-85 85 625 500 276 171 238 21
Endurance 12-FS-105 105 845 650 321 171 238 25
Endurance 12-FS-120 120 1000 750 345 171 286 41
Updated: Sep 12, 2015